What Comprises CIA Jobs

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Getting into CIA is no ordinary cup of tea. No matter how addicted one is to James Bond movies, one must learn to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Although it is reputed to be one of the smartest organizations in the world, it still requires smart and talented employees to run its impenetrable fort. It requires people to accomplish missions which are intriguing, impossible and not to forget exotic. There is only one goal or mission once one becomes a part of the CIA and that is, to keep America safe under any circumstance. The CIA’s public website is the portal where one can look for opportunities. It includes jobs in the posts of Clandestine Service Officers who can be on the front line of human intelligence. Also, they are usually on the look-out for people who are skilled in engineering, science, technology, foreign languages, analysis and administration roles in the US and overseas.

However there are 5 CIA jobs which have vacancy and are looking for dynamic and talented people and be an asset to the organization. They are listed as below:

Analyst-The CIA is always in dire need of seeking analysts of every kind. Some of those exciting titles may include counterterrorism analysts, counterintelligence threat analysis, economic analysts, intelligence analysts, crime analysts and so on. They are usually very ept subject-matter experts who may study and evaluate information from alarge number of references.

Operations Officer- These officers are directly in the proverbial line of fire as they are the frontmen of the Agency. It requires professional dedication and special skills to establish human relations that result in valuable data from confidential sources. This person must be able to deal with ambiguous, un-structured and lawless situations. This requires great deal of physical strength and sound mental health, energy, intution and be able to cope with stress.

Core collector- This role has two-entry level programs for field-based core collectors that range in the pay-scale of $58, 511 to $81, 204 per annum. The Professional Trainee Program is for applicants who have a Bachelor’s Degree but may often lack military experience or enough substantiative work and are in the age group of 21 to 25. The 2nd training program is for applicants who have a Bachelor’s degree and have some experience of serving in the military. This training program is called Clandestine Service Program. The maximum age till which one may apply is 35.

Science, weapons and technology experts- The Directorate of Intelligence is currently looking for engineers and scientists who are looking for CIA jobs. They are needed to analyze national security issues such as weapons proliferation, information warfare, foreign weapons development and emerging technologies. They are highly respected and honoured officers since they offer the scientific edge to the organization and helps solve numerous scientific or mathematical puzzles.

Linguist- CIA jobs requires agents to travel from one country to another or interpret some code in a foreign language. Foreign media analysts are also called Open Source Officers, use area knowledge and foreign language to assess the foreign media sources and review them including newspapers, press agencies, Internet sites, radio and television and so on.

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